Accessibility makes sense

15. April 2008 – 00:43
Usability begins in the source code. But the design according to web standards will therefore still far from user friendly websites. Simple, effortless and barrierefreie Internet-Angebote both require a rule-based structure, and practical usability requirements.

Barrier-free design makes sense:
1. Disabled people are not a minority
2. People in middle-aged and older (from 45 Years) are increasingly reliant on accessible products
3. The majority of users will benefit from barrier-free design
4. Accessibility is a quality feature, which is assessed positively by the public
5. Accessible design is good design and make your application fit for mobile devices and the use of modern technologies
6. Accessibility is Bundes-Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz (BGG) required by law
7. Also for the private sector are expected obligations regarding accessibility

So far, however, are relatively few sites implement barrier-free. This created an opportunity to market advantage.

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