What exactly is usability?

6. April 2008 – 08:07

Behind the English word usability hide a multitude of different approaches and perspectives. Gebrauchstauglichkeit, User friendliness, Bedienungsfreundlichkeit, Usability, Benutzerfreundlichkeit, Usability and usability are often used interchangeably to each other. All these concepts are to the quality of the dialogue between man and the (Software-) System characterization. Depending on the source usability is used in different contexts:

Fitness measures the quality of the experience of a user, when interacting with a product or system – such as. a website, Software Application, a mobile technology or other apparatus. In general, usability refers to it, use to learn how well a product and user can, to achieve their goals and how satisfied they are with this process. Ease of use means, that people, the product use, complete their tasks as quickly and easily as possible. Utility may also consider factors for cost-effectiveness and usefulness. A key methodology for the implementation of user-friendliness User-Centered Design (User-Centered Design, kurz UCD) called.

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