Viral Marketing & Social Media Marketing. Emotions to a friend. Viral Marketing presented.

Viral Marketing is a form of marketing, social networks and media use, order with a message on a brand, a product or campaign to draw attention.

Social Media Marketing is also a form of online marketing, that Branding- and marketing communication goals through participation in social media offerings (such as. Internet Forums, Flickr, You Tube, Mr. Wong, or blogs etc.) will reach.

Structurally, said viral marketing and social media marketing, the same
There are differences in the methods, the execution and performance measurement. Nor can the figures classic media planning not transferred to the social media. The viral success not calculated on the basis of coverage and response alone, but has other components such as:
a) Feedback
b) the general discussion behavior to the mark, the campaign and
c) the pillars of traditional advertising

Traditional advertising has already reached its limits
Viral marketing is more important, as consumers share in the use of trusted information. Last but not least, because they now have the opportunity to do.

See the Amazon and its rating system. Surveys show, recommendations among consumers about that since 2004 won exploded in importance. Long live the Internet.

The Viral Media Day in Hamburg
has shown, how great the need for new forms of advertising on the part of the Media Planner.
Messrs. Martin Draeger (Dialog Solutions GmbH) and Nils Andres (Brand Science Institute) give an overview on the integration of the viral marketing in the media mix in an interview with Christiane Treckmann of Advertising & Sell-Media (current issue, Never 2009). Here are the facts summarized:

What is viral marketing?
"Eine Marketing Strategy, allows, Marketing information about mainly digital word of mouth (E-Mail-Chat), social networks and video networks like YouTube, My Video u.a. spread, like a virus, the epidemic is spreading. "

Why Viral Marketing?
A campaign can be extended by word of mouth.
B-to- B field can increase the product of a marketing campaign Involvement.
Performance measurement units sold =
For consumer goods B-to-C, the target is often the increase in awareness. Measuring success = Branding

The methods include, for example. that successful campaigns use the situational involvement emotionally better. This in turn is dependent on the content, its meaning in context to the technological adaptability. Viral marketing is planned, when subjects and contents are displayed, the the users perceive as relevant. Otherwise the ideas are not multiplied.

Example Procedure: (grossly)
1. Step as initial placement. a video campaign in a broad context in Purchasing power
2. This step to recommend the content

Knowing, who, when, discussed where and at what site on the brand and to whom he distributed his opinion. In addition, the way the networks are considered from two perspectives, from the receiver to the first targeted and back.

If Internet videos are shared by email, they come without social media such as. From Twitter.

It is important for consumers to find relevant topics.
Dräger recommends real issues related to, to play a role in the life of the customer, To be hosting, Pulse or even a questioner for advice. In addition, products or communicative content is developed, which can be integrated into the daily lives of consumers.

With what emotions?
Martin Drägers Studies (DSG) revealed about emotions, which are proportionately responsible for the viral distribution of videos.

Fear, Rancor and anger are well before cheerfulness and Humor
Humor can be different and thus not collectively drive.

More than a funny clip So it must already be, so that consumers buy the advertised product then. Clips on TV advertising style have little relevance to the collective-oriented, interactive consumers.

Another finding revealed, that the emotional moment decided by the voluntary disclosure to nearly a third above, whether a successful video makes the rounds.

Who? Women are more communicative-potential target groups
Mrs. ethonologische circles and groups, and older audiences are very well suited for viral marketing.

Cost control and determine the ROI – Return of Investment
These are multi-dimensional criteria and first implementation experience necessary, so, Dräger: "To get a feel for, what an active recommendation is worth compared to a pure advertising contact ".

Success factors of viral marketing
1. Comparatively low costs, less expense of qualitative and quantitative market research (compared to traditional advertising)
2. authentischere, higher education incentive for good design

It is probably a variety of Minikampagnen give, always generate a new impetus to quality and not affected by wear and tear. It will be just the many ideas and communication approaches, have the possibility of proliferation.

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