Video Commerce (4/4). “Future” In-Video Shopping.

16. January 2011 – 15:39

In Video Shopping-sales approach


The basic idea

  • Online Videos be directly as a sales platform used. This means, You see a product in a video, which it by clicking “immediately” can buy. Videos are to be thus “interactive virtual sales spots”.
    • Videos, already on the most popular Internet portals, such as. YouTube and Sevenload are available, are with individual Product information provided.


Technical implementation

  • Clip this additional Flash-Overlays enriched, product info contain references from our own shop. ZB. Cover art, Content description and price of a DVD.
  • These videos will then purchase, such as marked. ZB. with a text "In this video you can shop" or similar or a shopping cart icon.


Realization. Consumer Behaviour.


  • With this kind of shopping, users need to select the item and then "only” their personal data, such as shipping address and credit card number, tap into a Flash form.
  • Thus, the visit by elimination of a conventional online stores.

The first sounds tempting, However, taken in the implementation and on-inhibiting factors.

Personal data. Confidence & Security


Especially in Germany it will in fact be unfamiliar to users, to tap personal data in a video overlay.

Users have come to expect, even in an online store certain Approval, Certificates or encryption Icons, the Confidence & Security give.

Example. User Friend Siegel. Certification "User friendliness":




  • Furthermore, it is even suspected, that traders with the in-home video shopping also an investment, optimized for mobile use Webshop, save.
  • Where is given already, that not all mobile devices Flash, zB. not the iPhone 4. But I would probably also be realized in principle in HTML5.


All that remains to be seen. Although it is certainly in the rapidly developing smart-phone market is quite conceivable.


Services Sample:


The CABLES video shopping GmbH tracks in video-shopping already linking to a video shop.


CAVI such reference:



Learn more about Video Commerce, exist in, inter alia, a Video to Sevenload. From the founder of Start-Ups Vicommerce.


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