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25. July 2009 – 18:47

Increasing your conversion rate always begins at the site.

You bring the user with all the means at your site and then?
Certainly, long term branding. In the short term you can also use a high usability and user experience (UX) and the resulting, user-friendly communication convince:

1. to stay on your site and

2. to buy your products in the best case.

Konversionsrate + Image + Customer Loyalty
With high usability & UX, you not only increase your conversion rate will also enhance your image and greater customer retention.

In the Internet World BUSINESS of July 20 2009 there is a Special to Usability…endlich!

"Taking customers to the hand"

means it is discussed and, how difficult it sometimes users have to make a supported product selection. It is spoken in a flat piece of product variety Internet, to the user a satisfied user-friendly shopping makes it almost impossible.

Wühltisch = Internet Browsing (Browse) or search
If a customer is undecided as before. a mobile phone- Shelf in a real business, helpful to use a seller in product choice. Dh. but with a few pointed questions by the advisers out in a sales pitch, what the customer wants. Whether he wants to do with the phone and photos etc.
For a specific product recommendation including, whether to place value on style, an early adopter, or whether technology work for him above all must.

On the Internet, the sprawling views, that the customer already knows what he wants, and specifically for a mobile phone (zB. Nokia E 71) investigated. Assuming search functions are available in most stores.
Browse the cozy is an online surfer but made more difficult as a department store visitors.

Interneteinkauf ≠ Standardeinkauf
When a potential customer does not exactly know the item number, but only what eg. is to make a technical device, Standard Search help little.
It is at the Consumer Behaviour in terms of product evaluation (Produktwahrnehmung) adapt.

How can a sales pitch to be replaced by a specialized trading online?

There are three solutions as online- Friendly alternatives to consultant

1. Inorschlagsysteme (Example: Amazon and Shopotainment)

2. Guided-Selling-Features (Product Finder / eg. Notebook Finder CANCOM)

3. Direct Communications with the customer (real people, for so-called virtual avatars were not accepted by the user)

Psychologically, consumers considered:

Why do a sales pitch to be replaced?
In the consumer research and in information processing research interests perceived how many and which product information and used for product evaluation.

Product evaluation is a cognitive information processing.
Perceptions of products includes not only the decoding of the recorded stimuli but also the mental processing time to a rating. This is by organizing and evaluating the available product reached.

Give your customers all the information, they need!
In user studies have demonstrated Friend, that the deployment is provided by most comprehensive product information, and are thus recognized as a power factor.
Product Photos and -videos, which every aspect of a product and information for their use constitute, even as Begeisterungsfaktoren in the Customer Satisfaction perceived. MEDION enthusiastic as. in product communication with “Rückansichten” Products (Connections and Interfaces).

Find out what your users want. User Friend asks for you to. There are Reasons for usability and user experience tests. You have to optimize your site interest? Here are the tests at a glance.

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