Poorly made websites – also a question of taste?

19. August 2008 – 19:06

For taste is well known, not having a good working website. A website with high usability.

The requirements for the "good functioning" of the effectiveness, the efficiency and Satisfaction in dealing with the website. (DIN EN ISO 9241- 11)

This satisfaction is usually the concept of “Ease of Use, that is a simple usability, equated. There are also approaches between these ergonomic and a "hedonic" quality differ (zB. Hassenzahl et.al. 2000).

To the “hedonischen” Quality such features are counted, are not in a direct reference to the solution of a task, therefore, criteria such as originality, the entertainment value and attractiveness of a site.

So in the broadest sense, perhaps only a matter of taste?

It is about the Acceptance Site map, which attitudes and behavioral intentions underlying.

Depending on the intent of the site plays the Fun either a major positive role, as for entertainment sites or can help, that this site will constitute a "poorly made" site, for example. a pure information site.

It is important always Nutzungskontext to consider. The motivations and experiences, the user bring, must not be ignored.

For entertainment sites, for example. different games offer, it comes to have fun and kill as much time. They are locked in most companies using firewall technology.

When shopping sites again, in which the offering and purchasing products or services to the fore, , the aspect of Joy of Use the benefit of the user-friendliness in the background.

All jene Shopping-Sites, with animation and games are quite capable of creating a shopping experience, are usually accurate but also these sites, it does not make it easy for experienced users, quickly and without unnecessary expenditure of time, to reach the goal.

Also, the fact, that the ability to earn money with a home page is so tempting, has made many bad sites. Their website owners overdo it simply, by zupflastern the homepage with external advertising.

Basically we can say, that sites, resident through a forced interaction or too much advertising in a specific context the user, quickly reach the desired goal, the users often do not taste.

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