Why Web Usability?

12. September 2008 – 13:55

Internet users want pleasant web surfing, Shops obtain information quickly and easily do. Find other sites they do this, decide they sometimes spontaneously.

The first Impressions count. This is nowhere so true as on the Web.

Users enter each site often only a few seconds, to gain an impression. Especially if they get "randomly" on a site.

For commercial sites, it is so similar, as you were standing in front of a shop in the real world. Just look around. Find anything, what you like right away or can not find the shop well decorated, perhaps too small and difficult to, You will go very quickly. You may also remain, since they are already there anyway, and the nearest store is further away.

The Web is the next business just a few mouse clicks.

Imagine, a user in e-commerce sites are a potential customer- by a link, ad, a banner or by searching for the first time on your site. He does not know you, Your business nor your offer.

Now you can also imagine, that this user, if it is not in such a short period of time by which he seeks, is lost as a customer first.

From the perspective of the provider, the user should therefore be found in a short time, the sales-related areas of the site. It must be the compliance of cognitive map of users and the information architecture of the site be taken.

A Site with a high usability to create, have the habits and expectations of the users are understood. For example, texts read only superficial or they are looking for anchor points, relevant information promise.

User scan.

It has long been well demonstrated empirically, activating sites that perform well in the competition better attention, more often remembered and be more positive. This too is to be considered in the design.

To stand out from the competition, So it is only once in a Usability-Test their own audience with their Needs know, to win them as customers and retain.

A website should then translate these needs. It should support users in their target tracking by an appropriate information architecture and a suitable design of image and text.

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