Social Media-Guidelines. Policy more than an online etiquette. (6/10)

20. October 2009 – 15:32

If companies are actively involved with their employees in the social web do, Do you need a Guide, so on MySpace & Co nothing goes wrong.

What is covered

  • The guidelines for example, write. before, what the employees when communicating on the Web Note must, when it comes to the employer or their work in the enterprise. In particular, in publications of numbers, Strategies or customer information.
  • One of the rules, for example,, that employees need to formulate more clearly, that they express their own opinions and not those of the company.


In order to establish itself on the platforms and paying attention to mixing personal and business content.

1. To Protection the reputation of a Company.

2. To protect the Staff even.

  • You get certainty about, What can you say about the company and what is not. Also, some Mitgliedenr in social networks do not always realize, that they are hurt with photos and messages in the profile itself could, because they are seen by others. The "slipped" by example. an office party with drunk colleague.


  • Policies should be tailored to the individual companies.
  • It is important to pay attention to the formulation of these rules.
  • You should not sound too forbidding heavy.
  • Large companies complement their communication policies in cooperation with their employees. SAP For example, enabling it to incorporate the ideas and experience of the already active employees while strengthening the acceptance of employees.
  • Professional help provide individual agencies.

Common possible contents of social media guidelines, which are individually:

1. Social Media Definition & Purpose use

2. General Tips to deal, offer added value such as =, Transparency, respectful tone towards respect other users, and no quarrel with.

Excerpt from a Example SAP:

  • Identify yourself
  • Be Honest
  • Be Respectful
  • Separate Opinions from Facts – and make sure your audience can see the difference.
  • Add Value
  • Be Engaged and Be Informed
  • Aim for Quality, not Quantity
  • Don’t Pick Fights

3. Existing Communication- and operating guidelines the Fima to the Internet expand. In publications of any kind.

4. Official Statements the company only in the Kommunikationsabteilung maintained.
ZB. no communication with financial analysts and media publishing.

5. Mitarbeiteraufklärung on the responsibility of their opinions.
Employees must always be clear and clearly, that they express their own views and not those of the company.

7. Geheimhaltungsverpflichtungen make clear. Compliance Copyright.
Not divulge trade secrets of.

8. Feedback & Error handling explain.

9. A contact person in the company for social media call.

10. Consequences for the company & the author in breach of the code explain.

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