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6. April 2008 – 05:25

Welcome to “nutzerfreundlichen” Usability Blog, Created with WordPress. This is the first review.

The usability blog to the widest possible about the issue of usability, Software usability, Benutzerschnittstellen (UI) Design, User-centered design (UCD) and report any other "user friendly" topics.

It should also be input via search engine optimization, for usability and SEO directly related. What good is it to you, if your site has a very user friendly and by the User friendliness the visitors come back often, but unfortunately you will not be displayed. Or vice versa: They are well placed in Google and perhaps also operate expensive Internet Marketing. While they may be found, and many visitors find your site. However, partly at the expense of usability. Visitors come, but are overwhelmed by the poor usability and not come back.

Please share your experience, Ideas, Proposals, Trends, Knowledge, Questions, etc.. with and close the phone with your "user experience" of the discussion or. blog at!

Dear anonymous reader, We ask you, of course, to be critical. You can, of course, say whatever you want. However, we ask your real name or a reference to your site specify.

Please understand, that we will not post comments and pointless content with unidentifiable.

Thank you and have fun.

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