Targeting - Targeting theft only? The transparent customer (4/5)

1. April 2009 – 15:55

From a business perspective it is important Target groups to achieve exactly online.

From my experience in user tests, users usually speak of a Identity Theft and over, that they wish to be interviewed not in registration forms on their hobbies.

Bug me not. This site is not without reason. It offers passwords.
Anonymously or set up a spam e-mail address, which can be used short term such as. at

Users want the data collection, were more reluctant

An acceptance study by U.S. market research company eMarketer, revealed mid- 2008, that while some 70 Percent of U.S. users are aware, that their web activity could be recorded with.
However, only 23 Percent of them have no problem. The rest was compared with the negative.

In principle, do Although consumer advertising, personal tailored to their needs and interests is. As far as the Necessary for this survey method, but they are very critical” it was said in the study (PC World- Behavioral targeting users criticize customized advertising).

In social communities move users usually. However, free. Those who read for so exactly the conditions of use?

Facebook example:
Excerpt: User Content Posted on the page:

"You give the company automatically irrevocable, indefinitely ... License ... ... For the use and sharing of such User Content for ...Advertisers- or other purposes

User-friendly solution

  • More Transparency The user-educate, best by a personal consent
  • More Acceptance durch die Darstellung der Benefits & Benefits

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