World Usability Day in Berlin – Web 2.0

On 13. November there was the World Usability Day. In more than 100 Cities 30 Countries, there were events on the topic of usability. I was in Berlin. Here, the day started with the basic idea:

„Making life easier – are we doing this?”

Divided into an auditorium and a workshop room, later in a lounge, roamed about 300 Usability interested in a former school. There were in addition to friendly reunion with former classmates and colleagues, a lively exchange. It was great.

Usability for Web 2.0 was the focus of interest.

Stichwort: collective intelligence

was a result of this change in perception and use of the Internet very much, that the user friendliness of the applications here in focus.

Pro Usability

As an example among others. (A tool for the coordination of appointments) A closer look.

This example shows, how important it is held securely, Web sites and applications that are intuitive usable.

Stichwort: User Experience

Positive user experiences back here but also much emphasis.

Stichwort: User Experience Co-Creation

But potential customers should be involved right from the beginning in the early design phases.

In this regard, there were other sessions, as compared with prototype testing tools or a good workshop on language to the very nice title:

"Talk to or are already understood? “

The plans for the next Usability Day 2009 have already started. I'm looking forward to it now.


Here there is a video from Stuttgart, and thus a very different impression of Worl Usability Day, Stuttgart

I wish a lot of fun.

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