Users in the center of attention, the customer is king-

24. September 2008 – 19:38

The customer is King. This is not the new company. Your customers have expectations and goals, which can be very different. has been explored since the consumer behavior, is also clear.

Entirely clear but seems not all companies have to, that they and their customers Users at the center of attention have to, to succeed(is) to be. You should speak the language of the users and they should consider the different motivations of their customers.

The Value of a particular product is always in the eye of the beholder.

These are the special needs, it is to find out. These are arranged hierarchically according to Maslow.



Affection / love

Security and stability

Organic (Basic)Needs

Maslow's hierarchy of needs: Only once are the most basic requirements in the "under constant-level" satisfies, to set the other needs.

See also : / wiki / Maslowsche_Bedà ¼ rfnispyramide

The language of the user is talking, meet their own target groups. Dh. out in a study with the use of psychological methods, what is important.

Key concepts for the website are user-friendly information architecture and task-oriented interaction design.

How important are the users, is also evident in the product communication. Here, the perceived benefit of the customer identified by survey, to initiate promotional activities.

How important is it, the right "point" to take, The following example shows by Florack and Scarabis dating 2005.

Consumer behavior as:

The introduction of an innovative product currently was not initially very successful. Cloth diapers should be replaced by plastic diapers. An attempt was made, these disposable diapers to parents to sell it as a work relief. However, the paragraph was long unsuccessful.

In one study it was found, that mothers were much more important for the welfare and satisfaction of the Babies, as their own work load.

Consequently, the changed product communication: Babies were in diapers not only the new dryer, but fortunately.

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  1. 6 Responses to “Users in the center of attention -The customer is King”

  2. Well I hope so, that for mothers the interests of the child are much more important than the job. Equally it should be but!

    By Sandra on Jan 10, 2011

  3. The pyramid of needs is already quite old, I still think, that it pretty much goes to the heart. and the example of the diapers is also well chosen.
    You have to tell the people, what their needs are, by themselves they do not get it.

    By Hammer on Jul 11, 2011

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