Definition of SEO (Search-Engine Optimization)= Suchmaschinenoptimierung

6. April 2008 – 17:10

SEO is an abbreviation for Search- Engine Optimization), also Suchmaschinenoptimierung.

It is the process of analyzing and optimizing your website, to ensure its indexation in search engines and its positioning in Search Engines (zB. Google with about. 90% Market share) to increase.

The goal of this analysis and optimization, Your site and its contents to optimize, that it more attractive to search engines, relevant and visible.

It would be a shame, programmed a nicely designed site with excellent content to have written, but the little frequented, because they can not easily be found.

However, it should be noted SEO always always associated with usability. For what good is a good placement, if your site is not designed to be user friendly.

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