Social media ground rules for social media strategies. (5/10)

There are basic rules, although still no guarantee of success of social media strategies, but can help, first Einstiegshürden to overcome.

It is important, at the respective Rules of individual communities keep.

  • Sun prevails for example, the business network XING a more formal tone than on Facebook or StudiVZ.

Golden Rule: User friendliness

1. Content counts- Added value instead of advertising.

  • The added value for the community is a key criterion.
  • There's no, if hastily created profiles and for the community- uninteresting content will be filled.
  • The decisive factor is the Quality of Content. Without content interesting posts and good networking will ensure no user of interest. Because nobody latest press releases, or promotional messages like on Facebook & Co read.

2. Activity continuously-.

  • It is also important, at regular intervals Community interesting content to offer.
  • Value makes more work, needs a concept, an appropriate budget and (With)workers, continuously serving the various platforms. This can be partly outsource to an external service.

3. Dialogue at eye level- Remain polite and deal appropriately with criticism.

  • "The exchange with others is the focus. Who comes to social media platforms into contact with others, should behave like in person. Listen, comment on the already "said", only really relevant or interesting to contribute to the conversation and involve others in the conversation. "

4. Transparency is a prerequisite for trust & Image building.

  • Employees should find their account name and its real name and eg. their Position in company publish.
  • A mark-accounts is useful, the individual Authors with shortcuts to identify.
  • Dishonesty will be exposed quickly and then the damage is large, if the Confidence is lost once.

5. Brand communication is no practical training.

  • It should be named employee, the long term will work for the company in this area.
  • Long decision-making are counterproductive due to the fast pace of the medium. The responsible staff should have room for maneuver, comment by critical contributions independently.
  • Optimally, are also Contact from the fields Unternehmenskommunikation or Management named, take care of "difficult cases".

6. Copyright and source information note.

  • Through identification and links to each source, new networks, that will benefit the company in turn.
  • When using multimedia content must, however, before the Copyright be clarified. When creating user-generated content is often protected material (zB. Song) used. Companies should make sure, that they No rights of any third party.

7. Social Media Guidelines-Richtschnur.

  • In the beginning the company solltenvon Guidelines be created, the handling in the network more or less to regulate in detail.

Read more on this in Part 6- Guidelines. Policy more than an online etiquette.

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