Mobile Marketing (4/4). LBS. Combination of offline and online trading.

Communication and shopping behavior is shifting to mobile network. (…) Meanwhile, about surfing. 13 Percent with their smartphone on the Internet (In&In the Media 09/2010). But it may serve to attract new customers. (…)Mobile phones as a city- and Buying.

Mit Location Based Services (LBS) and mobile location services to potential customers are contacted directly. Scams in the form of downloadable mobile coupons, or reservation services, offer promotional opportunities. (…) Services for advertisers in Germany:Location services, and Communities, such as Four Square and Gowalla, although currently only available in the U.S., but there are already a number of suppliers in German-speaking, such as:

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Mobile Marketing (3/4). Social Media Mobile. Branding & Involvement “pur“.

Werber this time, looks to local services.

Social Media Mobile
The fusion of the technical capabilities of a smartphone (GPS also), location-based services / Location Based Services (LBS ) and Social Media, revealed an effective advertising channel. From konsumentenpsychologischer view.

Local Services. Location-based networks.
There are already services with a mix of friends network, Recommendation Portal and spatial data entry with real character.

* Users can tell their friends, where they are and leave tips on the places or write reviews.

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