CRO. Test brings sales and- makes life easier, since today is World Usability Day.

12. November 2009 – 23:00


The World Usability Day-making life easy– Today, on 12. November 2009, its fifth birthday.
This year with the motto: Designing for a Sustainable World.

Digression: Many know the term sustainability in relation to LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability). The Konsumententyp, with its purchase of behavioral health & Promotes sustainability.

Where is the World Usability Day (WUD) instead of?
At over 200 Locations worldwide meet usability enthusiasts and professionals.

Objectives of the WUD
The issue of usability is also known outside of the tray and both as a new profession and as a research field are recognized. called on the international site, it:

  • It’s about making our world work better. It’s about “Making Life Easy” and user friendly.

Images of the World Usability Day
In Flickr There are photos from previous years. By 2009 will be suspended soon.

Who organizes WUD ?
In German-speaking, the World Usability Day of the German UPA (Usability Professionals`Association) organized.

Theme-city examples

In Munich was the day under the guise:

  • „Dinge, make life easier "

Hamburg had his own motto:

  • “Sustainability”
    This should include reflection on the content of user experience & Sustainability will be encouraged.

Here in Berlin was the title of World Usability Day:

  • "Test drive usability" and included the usability & User Experience an Bahnhöfen.
    Life is not easy, when will a long time looking for the right ticket and must end no or only certain bills are accepted as payment.

In the network means usability optimization = Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The conversion rate as an indicator of success. Instead of turnover or sales of total sales.
If the conversion rate increases, more users are converted into customers. (Hopefully, in satisfied customers)

User, who are satisfied with e-tailers, not change as quickly Contact.

  • Customer loyalty can not be underestimated! Even that is sustainable.
  • Satisfaction is high with a Usability & User Experience (UX) achieved.



What does usability of your website is, can be determined through testing.
A usability agency or usability consultant help. Dh. Experts or users to test out your audience and optimize.
When using traditional user usability tests of targeted psychological questioning techniques, Needs & Expectations identified. Set this to, You only need to test your conversion rate.

Test brings sales
That is a headline in the Internet World of Business 09. November. The article is indeed more the discrepancies between the, What agencies offer and what the company considers it useful. When asked, what makes the most sense to the conversion rate optimization, But then there's a common denominator: Test!

It is about, what the user wants and does not like what the company.
It shows the usability testing by experts & User tests will be underestimated.

Why long rumtesten with many variants, if you can ask but.

were mentioned as other types of tests:

  • A/B Testings
  • Klickpfadanalysen
  • Kaufabbruchanalysen
  • Multivariates Testing
  • Segmentation
  • Online Surveys / Customer Feedback
  • Nevertheless, there is nothing like user tests. For it is the users' needs & Identify expectations properly, not only in terms of innovation research.

The customer is king
In addition I have already written a review: Users in the center of attention, the customer is king

This increases your conversion rate
Let your usability & User Experience testen & optimize. Your customers will thank you and new users into customers, which remain.

Provide examples of expert check (BASIC Check) or a traditional user testing (CLASSIC Test) by User Friend.

  • So true to the motto Usability Day:

Let`s make the customer´s life easier and your company life more succesful.

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