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16. January 2011 – 15:38

Userfriend Video Commerce


Video-Usability & Video SEO

In. Video-Usability

1. Video Communications

It must be shown to users, Videos about the products that are available.

But the self-:

  • Thumbnails
  • Representation with player camera- Symbols (or as. a camera flap)
  • Text Links (Text-Teaser)

Thumbnails (Thumbnails), reflecting at a glance the entire contents of the video, are the best option. For images usually attract. more Attention.

2. Placement in the Shop.

  • Homepage
In support of impulse purchases, the videos are already on the home page.

  • Navigation
Plus, it is advantageous, when the entire video content is marketed at a central location in the shop.
ZB. with instant messaging "product videos" in a navigation bar.

  • Placement in the Store Search

The integration of shop-search is also relevant. Users usually are interested in. more for a product in the hit list, to which there is also a product video.

II. Video SEO

Rich Media Content is of Google mit „Universal Search“, in addition to pure text links, also appear on search results pages. ZB. by matching photos from Flickr or clips from You Tube.

As Google image search User Friend:
Google-Bilder-Suche Userfriend


When users search for their products e.g.. Narrow by selecting "Video" (Google Video Search), Dealers can preview their images to Videos also Attention at lower ranks achieve.

Checklist Video SEO

"How to advertise with video product for your shop"

  • Video-Hosting

To view videos so for example. to optimize Google, that potential customers directly to the shop, must, as operator, Your Videos self-host. (+ integrate a video player in your shopping pages.)

If the product such as Video on. You Tube hosted, out the link in the search results page on the video portal takes in the shop.

  • Video-URL

The videos must be assigned a unique URL.

  • Video Sitemap

Listing, the pages where videos are located and where the appropriate files are.

  • Video Metadata

Relevant Keywords, Title, Description, Tags and Label, deposit for each entry.

  • Video previews

Thumbnails choose carefully. Bei You Tube z.B. can sometimes choose only three pre-images.

  • Links

Classic link on their own video content to other platforms. (zB. by Twitter or blog)

  • Online-Video Portal

Reichenweitenstarke Portal, such as. You Tube or Sevenload should also be used. By increasing the additional Uploads Probability appear to be in classic Google Search.

In the last part, the “Future” In-Video-Shopping presented.

These articles might well be:

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  2. Very interesting topic, that is addressed here. Video SEO I've done personally never, But I can not imagine how rough it runs.

    Tip: Da das Thema “user-friendliness” is a top priority, empfehle ich dir mehr BILDER zu nutzen 😉 Besucher mögen Bilder.

    By Berliner on Aug 21, 2012

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