2009-Internet as a key advertising medium. Efficiency Check = Pro Usability and SEO

I wish you a happy and successful, auch nutzerfreundliches 🙂 aber vor allem ein gesundes neues Jahr 2009.

In 2009 , more and more European Advertisers on the Internet as Advertising medium.

In the U.S., surpassing spending on Internet advertising 26 Percent of marketing costs, expenses for television- and radio advertisements with only 24 Percent (lt. an analysis of the consulting firm Outsell). They use their Budget for the Structure and Maintenance their own Websites.


According to the trade association of online marketing and technology services EIAA (European Interactive Advertsing Association) do 81 Percent of surveyed advertisers in Europe to increase their online ad spending continue.

More than half of company plans its budget for online brand advertising increase, as it provides a positive effect on their own Brands and recognize the holistic brand experience.

They see the Internet as a major Influence for Purchase decision, for Clearance and Customer Loyalty an.

After all.

The advertising- and Marketing Planner offers annually an updated overview of the types of advertising media and possible communication tools. Here, too, should the current trends to be found in the media world.

However, no explicit Word about usability. (But about search engine marketing and in this context, optimizing sites for search engines.)

For this, however, the meaning is very nice circumscribed in an efficiency check of the primary advertising medium, the issues Usability and Suchmaschinenoptimierung must be given this year.

In this Internet Efficiency Check Plus there are six points just in front of two minus points.

The positive points for the Internet as an advertising medium are:

  • Supplement to traditional media campaigns
  • predominantly younger audience
  • high level of interactivity with users
  • low scattering losses
  • Media planning is becoming more professional
  • Customers can make tailor-made advertising.

The negative points are:

  • Customers must be brought to visit the website and
  • Customers quickly jump to other sites.

More clearly, the need for


  • “How to find and get their users to its own site”

and Usability

  • “To be more user friendly, not by the users clicked away – by what the people want to know”

are not shown.

No wonder, companies that use no more budget for these aspects of online marketing and gain a competitive advantage.

2009 is certainly different.

On Usability and SEO. Pro User friendliness.

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