Einladung_Testen with us a measurement system, comfort of your home. (Berlin & Environment)

With a friendly Hello,
  • during the period from 21.11.- 11.12 2011 is a Vermessungssystem tested. Dh. the Accuracy, measures with which the system.

– To Terminauswahl


What is the?

  • Custom Made & when buying clothes on the internet never again order the wrong size.
  • You envision for your “normal” PC- Camera, what extent does your & a clothing shop could show you your correct size.

Who can participate?

  • Conditions You have a PC (Computer)/Notebook mit (integrated or extra-) Camera.
  • Who can participate? You, Their family members and friends, if you 18 Years old & live in and around Berlin. Adolescents from 16 Years with the presence of a parent or guardian.


  • Easily you home.
  • You do not take into account travel time. An employee comes to you.


  1. You get – per E-Mail – Instructions for their own testing of the simple program.
    You open the mail (link) and follow the specified “Steps”.
    Duration: ca. 5-15 Minutes.
  2. An employee comes to you and Missing You then manually, to one of you selected date.
    Duration: ca. 10-15 Minutes. The appointment should in time for your “Try / Test” lie. Please allow a – for your own testing of the system – ca. 15 Minutes.
  • Mini Statistics Total duration of the study 30 Minutes.


  • As a thank-you gift 15,- Euro per person.
  • Plus, you can get all of your personal measurements, for free.

– Shape the future with –

  • Now select the Their Term during the period from 21.11.- 11.12 2011 in the Calendarbinding-.
  • You are not in our User-Friend Probandenpanel? Get listed in interest, as tester, in our Form a.

Thank you. Your Friend User Team. For a user-friendly world.

2 thoughts on “Einladung_Testen with us a measurement system, comfort of your home. (Berlin & Environment)

  1. Hi Marc,
    there are no more than 30 Minutes, rather less.
    Apparently this is not yet so clearly. Thank you for your message.
    LG Britta Litzenberg

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