Einladung_Testen with us a measurement system, comfort of your home. (Berlin & Environment)

20. November 2011 – 16:28
With a friendly Hello,
  • during the period from 21.11.- 11.12 2011 is a Vermessungssystem tested. Dh. the Accuracy, measures with which the system.

– To Terminauswahl


What is the?

  • Custom Made & when buying clothes on the internet never again order the wrong size.
  • You envision for your “normal” PC- Camera, what extent does your & a clothing shop could show you your correct size.

Who can participate?

  • Conditions You have a PC (Computer)/Notebook mit (integrated or extra-) Camera.
  • Who can participate? You, Their family members and friends, if you 18 Years old & live in and around Berlin. Adolescents from 16 Years with the presence of a parent or guardian.


  • Easily you home.
  • You do not take into account travel time. An employee comes to you.


  1. You get – per E-Mail – Instructions for their own testing of the simple program.
    You open the mail (link) and follow the specified “Steps”.
    Duration: ca. 5-15 Minutes.
  2. An employee comes to you and Missing You then manually, to one of you selected date.
    Duration: ca. 10-15 Minutes. The appointment should in time for your “Try / Test” lie. Please allow a – for your own testing of the system – ca. 15 Minutes.
  • Mini Statistics Total duration of the study 30 Minutes.


  • As a thank-you gift 15,- Euro per person.
  • Plus, you can get all of your personal measurements, for free.

– Shape the future with –

  • Now select the Their Term during the period from 21.11.- 11.12 2011 in the Calendarbinding-.
  • You are not in our User-Friend Probandenpanel? Get listed in interest, as tester, in our Form a.

Thank you. Your Friend User Team. For a user-friendly world.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Einladung_Testen with us a measurement system, comfort of your home. (Berlin & Environment)”

  2. 15 Euro? bit lame for 45 minutes or?

    By Marc on Nov 24, 2011

  3. Hi Marc,
    there are no more than 30 Minutes, rather less.
    Apparently this is not yet so clearly. Thank you for your message.
    LG Britta Litzenberg

    By userfriend on Nov 24, 2011

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