Einladung_ measurement system test at User Friend. Usability of their agency in Berlin.

14. July 2011 – 17:24

In the coming weeks, the Vermessungssystem tested the company UPcload even when user Friend in Berlin.

Dh. the Accuracy, measures with which the system.


– Shape the future with –

When, where?


Terminwahl_bei Usefriend (18.07.- 22.07.)

  • Saturday, 23.07. – End of Month, 31.07.
  • Daily, on weekends, easily you home.
  • You do not take into account travel time. An employee comes to you.

Terminwahl_ you (23.07.- 31.07.)


What is the?


When purchasing clothing on the Internet never again order the wrong size.

Developers have finally managed to establish a system for.

You imagine a / your “normal” PC- Camera, which takes your measurements and you could even show a clothing store your right size.


Who can participate?


You, Their family members and friends, if they about 18 Years old. In Berlin and Environment reside or from 18.07.-22.07 are in Berlin to visit.



Mini Statistics


Duration of examination per person 30 Minutes.

An employee of the company is at UPcload Usefriend or comes to you with a laptop.

The laptop camera takes your measurements and the employee misses then manually.

You of course keep your clothes on.




As compensation you receive 15,- Euro per person.


Choosing a date in the calendar

Now select the Their Term, you're welcome binding, during the period from 18.-07.-22.07. at Userfriend, in the Calendar.

Or your date of 23. 07.- 31.07. convenient to you home, in the Calendar.
If several persons, Please choose one date per person. The lying between 30 Omitted minutes while.


We look forward to an e-mail from you: info@userfriend.de or use our Kontakformular.

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