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11. March 2009 – 09:00

The mail protocol was designed only for plain text. Graphics have to be so converted to text before sending (Stichwort: Base64), You swell up to 30-50% on.

Whether it again at the receiver decoded correctly will remain a Risk. Is a prerequisite for, that the recipient is not a text program uses.

An incorrect decoding can also be located on the protocol itself. Another reason is, that-mails with images are often made by spammers. Why such mails end up quickly in any spam filters, even if the graphics are only refenziert and does not embed.
AOL for example, is known, its users are not always informed of such action by the filter. The mail is simply gone and the reader knows not.

In summary, HTML and images in e-mail that is not a good idea. So beautiful images and logos may be.

What to look else?

On 1. Ja Nuar 2007 is the law on electronic commercial register and register of cooperatives and the Untenehmensregister (EHUG) entered into force.

You should give all business e-mail the required information, which can also be found on your business stationery, So, for example, include:

  • The registration number
  • The competent Court of Registration
  • Legal form and registered office of a GmbH
  • The advantages- and last names of all the managers and CEO.

An Outlook vCard is not enough.
Although it is probably controversial among lawyers,de, whether a violation of this rule is abmahnfähig, I still recommend that prevention is better than cure.

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  2. Well finally it still says a: Super and thanks. I speak my mouth's already fuzzy. :o)
    E-mails with all the graphic cards as email attachment are not friendly wirklcih…

    By Claus on Mar 26, 2009

  3. Yeah, right, to whichever one is used for a business card or e-mail client. Signature image is very different at! Sometimes not. Not everyone uses an Outlook or similar. So the best one sooooo easy (if a little boring) ASCII Signature. Gruss Stefan

    By Stefan on Sep 13, 2009

  4. I must also say,because it is significantly better solutions. I get so many e-mails in which the signature is longer than the text…

    By Karin on Dec 1, 2010

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