Zielgruppenansprache “Generation 50 more” Pay, Facts, Financial crisis

16. December 2008 – 10:19

On the right audience is what matters. It is now clear to any company. It is less clear, that tap into the consumer behavior research attitude "new" target groups.

Especially in times of financial crisis, it is particularly important, the behavior of the former drawer Marketing- professionals to rethink. These had previously quickly catapulted over-50s from the key demographic, or. these can be unkind dust in a drawer.

Market research has now set out, however, and is also dedicated to the purchase- and consumer behavior of the 60-year-old with the new typology:

GfK Seniorenlebenswelten“, which after all 20 Million people are.

It is important the more, that only through user-friendly, plus the right approach (=Usability) the audience could be achieved effectively and efficiently.

Now in the financial crisis, it is the over 50s, to move more into focus. These are the ones, that still have savings accounts and money.

In this regard, there is a clear need for improvement. The following figures show:

In Europe, according to the European Interactive Advertising Association, the number of Internet users to 5 % on 178 Million. In Germany, the number of 43,3 Million users stable (eiaa -Mediascope Europe 2008).

According to the Working Group used online research only 49 % from the age group 55-64 Years, the Internet (AGOF internet facts 2008).

Here the use by age groups at a glance:

14-24 Years = 95 %

25-34 Years = 89 %

35-44 Years = 81%

45-54 Years = 68% and in the

55-64 Years = Only 49 %

From 65 Years and older it is then only 18 %.

-Pro Usability-

Make it your target market easily, talk to them concretely and emotionally.

-Pro nutzerorientierte Tests-

For Noted the life-worlds and needs of your potential customers.

For example, such a test showed a clear favorite in the speech of the 50-year-olds.

-Generation 50 more-

As a result a study of magazine readers were able to go long life 86 Percent of women and 80 Percent of men identify very good to good with this speech.

Very far away, however, were often beautifully formulated concepts such as Best Ager, Oldies, Knowies or Silver Surfer.

Older audiences do not want to be told explicitly about the age. With respect for their achievements in this target group feels an average of seven to 14 Years younger, but it is no longer as twenty.

A sensitive coherent target-speech is as much a part of usability. A website with high usability will generate User, convert into buyers and satisfied bind. And regardless of the age group. 😉

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  2. Grazie for the interesting article. The generation 50 is webaffiner, than you would think. Replace on chefkoch.de recipes, Skype calls with their grandchildren overseas or surf http://www.50plus-treff.de/.

    By Eva Maria on Nov 24, 2010

  3. Good post! Thank you! Am also of the view, that the 50 generation has long since discovered the benefits of the internet and love to use!

    By Senior Gifts on Aug 4, 2011

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