International and National Tester in Berlin looking for Esprit! Subjects-acquisition Berlin.

3. February 2010 – 20:12


it comes to international Usability-Tests in Berlin the online stores for international youthful lifestyle brand Spirit.
Searched be this year Stakeholders to participate a Test from Germany and Native Speaker, satisfy the following eligibility requirements.


  • If interested, please send an email- Mail with Esprit in the subject to: b.litzenberg @
    You are welcome to a Form in our Subjects Panel register for this and other studies.

Usability testing in Berlin for Esprit = 75 % Discount
Who wants to or knows someone, the site as a tester and current or. participate in future customer for the online store Esprit on a nice usability test would?

In return for your opinion, please contact an Online Shopping 75 % Discount up to a purchase in the amount of 250,-Euro.

You pay 62,50 Euro receive and Esprit products from imWert 250,- Euro.
You Save up to 187,50 Euro.

Why? Your opinion counts.
Esprit aims to include the needs of customers in the future even more strongly with the website design.
Your opinion is important to us, and Esprit. Please note, There are no right or wrong answers.
It is your personal opinion, which we are interested.
So do not you, but the site is being tested, so that a maximum User friendliness is given.


Women and men aged 25 and 40 Years.

Nationality: German and “Landsmänner” the:

  1. live in Berlin
  2. German or English speaking
  3. originally from one of the countries are given below.

Each month. Start at the end of February with German testers and volunteers from France.

How long does the test?
Ca. 2 Hours.

Place in February: Boxhagener Str. 76-78, 10245 Berlin, from March: Altensteinstr. 44b, 14195 Berlin.
Possibly. Travel expenses are also reimbursed.

In the coming months are interested in the following countries welcome.

1. Switzerland
2. Luxembourg
3. Great Britain
4. Denmark
5. Netherlands
6. Austria
7. Belgium
8. France
9. Finland
10. Sweden
11. Czech Republic
12. Estonia
13. Greece
14. Hungary
15. Ireland
16. Italy
17. Latvia
18. Malta
19. Poland
20. Portugal
21. Slovakia
22. Russia
23. Spain


  • If interested, please send an E-Mail with Spirit in the subject to: b.litzenberg @
  • Enter your name, Your sex, Your age and the estimated number of hours, you spend using the internet.

I look forward to working.

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  2. Since I am in the process, This is great:-) Especially since right around the corner!! LG Nils Drewes

    By Nils on Feb 4, 2010

  3. So true:-)

    By Nils on Feb 4, 2010

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