Search Engine Optimization Part 2

30. April 2008 – 17:59

When search engine optimization (SEO) You should by most "low-providers" refrain, as they are often only meta tags, Robots and Sitemaps create and then let them fill in automatically with the search engines.
Of course you can also quite easily accomplished even. As, we show you in another post.

To get a professional SEO, However, other activities are carried out. As they should. are also full press texts created and sent to journalists, Entries in industry directories implemented, Blogs are created and maintained. There are numerous other activities, as:

  • Webmaster Tools
  • Meta info
  • Blogger
  • Verify
  • Groups
  • Picture Search
  • Sitemap
  • Robots.txt
  • Adwords
  • Adsense
  • Local Business Center
  • I-Tube
  • Maps
  • Picasa
  • Docs, Spreadsheats
  • Base
  • Video
  • Create press releases
  • PR Releases
  • Title
  • WebSite
  • Yellow Pages
  • GoYellow
  • Branchenorientierte Listen

The agencies charged by Google for a professional search engine optimization is mainly dependent on the number of hits on Google and the visitors to your site. On average, one expects a cost of up to 100 Hours, or. a price of around 3000,- to 4000,- Euro for normal WebSites.
This includes most care is a period of one year and does a lot of work for the agency, for if the above-mentioned activities should be done with care, take this much time.
Some are for it too “simple” and used cheap programmers abroad, the current new articles on blogs, Press releases, etc.. Leave.

These articles might well be:

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