Targeting – Forms of targeting (3/5)

1. April 2009 – 15:21

Targeting techno graphic criteria (Technical targeting)
This form can be as. raise, or. derived, as the attitude toward technology and technological progress is.

By Logfile Analysis obtained, for example. Details of:

  • browser type, -version (thus, only the advertising will be supplied, may in fact represent the user's browser)
  • IP Address (Region for local advertising / geographical targeting)
  • Bandwidth and operating system used
  1. it can indirectly be inferred power of your computer
  2. in target groups (IT affinity) divided and
  3. Apple, Linux users and the rest are different, not to advertise for existing operating systems.
  4. DSL customers can also make such. only party-change advertising offered.

Targeting by geographical criteria – Allocation of advertising which country =, which speaking

  • by IP address = IP Targeting
  • the user profile
  • according to the substantive context
  1. IP-Address = Location calculator, A German foreign users on site can still receive advertising German. (Cost benefits)
    It can also be difficult, as providers assign their users changing IP addresses or users of corporate networks can not be located.
  2. User Profile = i.d.R. give users their place of origin of correctly.
  3. Kontextbezug = Sucheingabewörter (zB. Berlin Hotel) like in the search word marketing. Prerequisite for regional or local targeting = (30% of Google searches have a local reference = localSearch on, Those: Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers Association)

Targeting of time to which – Targeting nach dayparts

By back-channel capability of the Internet may be the delivery on certain days or at certain times of the day.
Dh. Target groups frequently at certain times to reach online.
Base = Use motives are different in the day or week course, or. in work and leisure.

Targeting by socio-demographic characteristics
– Gender, Age, formal education, Location, Budget- Income.
United Internet Media AG fragt z.B. Age, Postal Code, Haushaltsnettoeinkommen, Household size and the profession from.

For example, advertising. only to men between 40 and 50 , within a radius of about. 50 km from Berlin, with more than 3.000 Euro Income, be delivered.

Targeting affinities

1. In one application interests and hobbies can be requested
2. be recognized or on concrete behavior = Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral Targeting
A user visited an area of interest several times, is the ad server is programmed, that it is based on an affinity and delivers relevant ads according to content.
It can also be selectively determined, which users react to what signal words in banners?

Targeting environment

Advertising using life-worlds (as with traditional media in the Sinus milieus known)

Targeting in the search word marketing

The keyword marketers themselves do not speak in this context by targeting (despite targeted delivery) , Google AdWords is a well known example.

CartCash terminators receive an identifier. User, have an online store to leave shortly before the purchase, can be targeted. This requires a large network.

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