The end of the click graves, Long live the user experience – Online audience measurement with visits instead of PIs

14. September 2009 – 18:29

The Information Community to determine the distribution of advertising media (IVW) Already in summer 2009 announced, that Page Impressions ( PIs) as the principal measure obsolete have.
The Visit, So the number of consecutive operations use, a visitor to an online offer runs, will in future more weight.

This means an end to the user un-friendly Please click Bringer

In recent years, the widespread bad habit, User to as many clicks as possible (Klick-Boosting) to move, so as to increase the PI count. This is now the ranking competition superfluous, lucky.

Clicking machines were produced
Mainly in the news portals are unnecessary entries were Bringer, the users often value brought. On the contrary. ZB. were on salary scales 300 Images or text distributed, has previously been presented in a bulleted list, now offered in a picture gallery, exist in the "pictures" of short blocks of text (“good” Examples include the world-Online and clickable information boxes at Spiegel Online).
The method as. distribute long articles into multiple pages, may be recorded as a plus for usability, if it makes it really clear.

User-friendliness prevails

Even if the rules change between, the user remains the focus of interest.
ZB. has the old "three click rule" had its day long. If you were told, that more than three clicks meant within a task to targets poor usability. was detected after studies, that the number of clicks that are made intuitively, no major effect on the user experience (zB. joy of use) has.

wasting time with unnecessary clicks, the user is at least by this change over. The Internet is evolving, cheers.

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