Targeting – The principle & History (2/5)

1. April 2009 – 15:09

In. The principle
With the help of Ad Servers advertising or promotional material to be delivered targeted.
The AD server acknowledges parameters and technical conditions and it is as. either delivered an interactive banner with video sequence or a static banner.

Frequency Capping
Here, the number of (Advertising) Delivery per user controls = Contra Banner Burnout

II. History
1994 was the first static banner ads on switched.
2-3 Years later there were already first attempts towards Behavioral Targeting (the technology was still too complex and difficult to communicate with customers).

In Germany began targeting initially on the basis demographic & technografischer Data.
Thus, by his own admission, a "targeting the first generation introduced.
The target group and addressing training was based on criteria, such as age, Postal Code, Gender and technical parameters, such as bandwidth and browser.

Later (in the last seven years) have established other forms of targeting.
So zB. Targeting based on structures and environment by using panel data.

III. Goals & Benefit = Win-Win Situation

Advertisers can minimize wastage and operate more effectively target group communication. Promotional marketing can better focus the limited advertising space. And thus generating higher conversion rates and thus higher returns for themselves.

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