Targeting – Magic word, or at least not always the solution? (5/5)

1. April 2009 – 16:21
  • Advertising, the fit to the user or users, fit for advertising?

In a Interview of 26.03.2009 said Mark Frank, Director Sales & Trade Marketing Microsoft Advertising with (Tanja Gabler):

Targeting is not always the solution: When I narrowed my user group too, I reach only those, the customers are already – and no new users. "

Microsoft Advertising marketed Facebook
Microsoft Advertising provides its customers with socio-demographic & Behavioral targeting, and marketing such as Facebook exclusively. (This community is worth, because Facebook users are very international, have high income and are well-educated)

Sold on Facebook
This made Microsoft Advertising, lt. Frank, there a three times as high Price per thousand (also thousand contact price or short TKP), as their competitors on other social media sites.

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