Spam filter-design of Newsletter

9. April 2009 – 17:01

How do spam filters? Spam or junk (eng. "Waste" or "junk") is based on certain formal characteristics (as e.g.. certain keywords in the subject & Text) automatically detected.
In order not to be signed as spam, Please observe the following rules:

Use the Subject never words, which are typical of spam e-mails. In English, they can be as. “free”, “money”, “xxx” or “$$$”. Also in German there is a similar: “free”, “cheap” and, now, – “important” and “Grüße "etc..

Some anti-spam programs are also used by real people “fed”: identifies a user's system, an e-mail as spam, automatically creates a corresponding mark on the anti-spam server sent and forwarded to other anti-spam server. Then receives another user also this email, it is recognized by this label and partially deleted immediately. In addition, conventional detection mechanisms used.

The spam filter often runs automatically in the background with your ISP or installed locally on the computer of the user.

You must prevent in any case, that your e-mail at first sight (looks for both humans and computers as spam. Otherwise there is a risk, that your mail will be deleted and your IP address or. Domain is blocked, before your customer knows about all of your newsletter.

Use a unique sender name best with full Disclaimer. Review clear subject - ZB. Software Newsletter from xyz. Use United- and lowercase letters and no permanent Greatstaff & Repetitions. To get a "habit" effect at the customer, should the frequency of Newsletter at regular intervals be. Create your newsletter nutzerfreundlich Contents, the text clear and concise and do not use too many graphics.

For example, write. and test results, Tips, Measure, etc.. and you will not only promote products, except the user has expressly consented.
eachten you but for test reports, a real reference. If only your product test winner?

Empower the customer, to unsubscribe to any newsletter from the list (best would be a link).
Set a reference to the beginning or end of your newsletter, how is this possible and strictly observe a Newsletterkündigung. Do not violate the Privacy Policy.

T here are several good programs Newsletter on the market, for both Windows and Unix.

It is recommended as. the newsletter program Supermailer (but only for Windows).

If all these Marketing or. Newsletter principles adhered to, you can be sure, that your newsletter reaches your customers.

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