IVW monthly audience measurement – November new counting method – New figures from December

14. September 2009 – 18:32

In the Internet World of Business 31.08.2009 reported, that the IVW (Information Community to determine the distribution of advertising media) from November to the online coverage Visits , So unique users and page impressions will account for them more.
In December, the first time the numbers are the new model will be published.
The PI is still remains the basis of measurement, is because without PI is also lacking Visit.

What exactly are page views and visits?

A Print page (PI ) refers to the retrieval of a page by a user. The IVW counts only views, which are user-induced, dh. have by clicking a significant change in content of the page to follow (zB. A new article or a new image) and are not called automatically or forwarded, if the user has entered a different page.

A Visit denotes a continuous use operation. The Visit begins, if the user generates a bid within a PI and ends, if within 30 Minutes no further PI's are generated. Within this 30 Minutes, leaving the user, however, the offer and upon returning, the following PIs started this visit, and not a new Visit count.

-Visit of Neueinführung Kategorie
For an overview, which rates were in the areas used most frequently. The IVW takes as a basis for a system, which 2007 was introduced and from 7 Main- and 50 Sub-categories defined. The ranges rankings are published on the basis of each category, an overall ranking of all categories, there will be no longer well.

The seven major categories of Visit

1. Redaktioneller Content
2. User Generated Content
3. E-Commerce
4. Communications
5. Suchmaschinen
6. Spiele
7. Diverses

The 50 Categories describe the content of it in more detail. Solo 28 fall in the first two categories, Editorial and User-Generated Content.

These articles might well be:

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