Frontend Usability and Web Analytics

An examination of user-friendliness (Usability of Websites) can be done at various points.

Besides Expertengutachten there are methods, which users can participate in more or less "present".

Online- Questionnaires- pure user survey

Web Analytics- Observation of user behavior on the Internet


Frontend Usability- observing and interviewing the user

Backend Usability- Administrator Verwaltungsoberfläche.


Online questionnaires and statistical significance will be discussed at the next contribution.

Web Analytics = Where and When

Frontend Usability = Where and Why

On Web- Analytics are a lot of statistics on user behavior. Roughly be said among other things. Clicking frequencies and purchase cancellations registered. Here come the Logfile- and click-path analysis used. With the help of this can be seen also, how often an offer has been clicked or whether any.

These quantitative data, however, are very difficult to evaluate qualitatively, because the main findings often hide behind complex patterns of action.

Web Analytics provide such. precise information, the percentage at a certain point got out. Often, however, can not be settled without further, for what reason.

Much easier it is to observe acts of real users in a test and then they may ask to. This happens when the frontend usability.

Frontend Usability and Backend Usability Thus, mean classic usability testing. So the observation and interviews with targeted respondents in dealing with a website.

Inside a Classic Usability- Tests are, at best, all the details of website users- Interactions recorded.

Will continue to work with the think aloud method and specific questioning techniques. This requires psychologisches know how, as people explain their actions or inactions are often difficult or impossible to verbalize "may". This may help, the captured facial expressions and gestures of the subjects to analyze even.

Frontend Usability provides much more detailed information.

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