Seven reasons for high usability & User Experience (UX)

30. January 2009 – 16:43

High Usability and User Experience (UX) understands and respects the usage habits, Expectations and skills of your internal users in a user-centered design (UCD). Activating sites Set in the competition better attention, to be reminded more often and more positive.

Seven reasons, why companies should include their potential user in from the beginning with, to increase the acceptance and satisfaction and to eliminate uncertainties and frustrations.

1. User behavior
Users want to surf comfortably, Find information quickly without long thinking, Order products easily, simple log.

2. Because of expectations we have mental models of information spaces
Users want, that their expectations are met. A website, in which a user feels already killed by the Home, necessarily remains below its potential.

3. Aufgabenangemessen, self-explanatory and the website should be error-tolerant

A successful website must be intuitive to use, forgiving. Weaknesses in the navigation or in the design will be punished directly.

4. Users enter each site often only a few seconds
Who does not find the same, what he seeks, or who is not shown what he can do, leaves the site and is lost in the worst case, the customer, forever.

5. Have you not think your users

Everything that we do not like, contributes to our cognitive burden and distract our attention from one task. Too much activation can be a defensive reaction (Reaktanz) trigger. In the end, nothing is more perceived.

6. In the brain, the user

The cognitive map, the user must match the information architecture of the site. New applications should make the schemes, already acquired. The same language must be spoken.

7. User do not learn

applies a rule, the. If the Web site or application, but provides an appropriate incentive, a tolle User Experience, can also be different.

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  2. Very nice and short and clearly summarized all important. I think makes it also pays, their own customers as early as possible in the development process of the company. It's not about to reveal internal company, but it can also be a good consultant, der outside the box denkt.

    By Adrian on Jan 20, 2011

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