Try us. Audible usability testing with users Friend. Usability of their agency in Berlin.

17. August 2011 – 10:56



-Your opinion counts-

  • During the week of 29.08. are new sites of, at Userfriend Berlin, tested.

Why usability?

  • Audible wants to include the wishes of the users even more closely with the website design.
  • Dh. Your opinion is & Audible important!



Mini Statistics


  • The investigation about. 1 Hour.
  • Please remember, We do not try, but with you the Audible online shop at ease.





  • As a thank-you gift 25,- Euro and plus a Hörbuchgutschein of, worth 9,95 Euro.


Interest? E-Mail an:


  • For a selection, please notify us – by mail to – with the following information:


  1. Their exact Age.
  2. How many hours do you spend, average per week, with the Use of Internet, including e-mail & Social Networks?
  3. Are you a Amazon Customer, dh. You have one existing account with Amazon?
  4. If you are an Audible customer?
  5. You can be happy in this Form as tester, for further usability testing, register.
  • Please send us, for this test series, e-mail to with the above answers.
  • You get, sought to meet criteria, an invitation to select your appointment, in a calendar.


Thank you.

Your Friend User Team. For a user-friendly Web.

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