Simuliertes Eyetracking

8. April 2008 – 01:51

Wherever you look towards the user of a website, which way is his eye? What interests him?

The reader's attention is often analyzed with the eye tracking method.

Eyetracking, Thus the eye movement measurement is particularly on several subjects very complex and therefore expensive. This is the eye tracking technology depending on the used (partly out of date, not a familiar environment, different view by Eyetrackingbrille, Observer is watching, etc.) not necessarily representative.

Meanwhile were based on analysis of thousands of test results, based on neuro-scientific studies, certain algorithms be derived. Thus, for example. the University of Osnabrück, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and a new web application called Neurobiopsychology Good Gaze at Cebit 2008 presented, to replace the traditional Eyetrackingmessung.

According to neuroscientists says this new tool, the human attention when browsing ahead amazingly realistic. Up to 98% are consistent with the traditional eye-tracking method.

This eye movement simulation is much cheaper and faster, so this method is directly integrated into the design process and can feed a continuous performance evaluation already in the design stages of an advertising campaign or user interface.

Eyetracking Simulation

But not only Good Gaze dealing with simulated eye tracking, but also Feng-GUI. While here in the modeling of the complex brain processes are not quite as good as GoodGaze implemented, But for a first impression, this method is quite useful. Beautiful Here, that Feng-GUI is completely free of charge. Again, the auto-generated heat map visualizes very well the view of human behavior.

Simulierte Eyetrackinganalyse

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