SEO without usability – contracted labor of love

9. April 2008 – 02:18

Recently I had to buy certain items. No problem, I thought, I find a distribution network in.

The industry has many competitors and the relative, which I found on Google, have of course been some SEO techniques used, to go to the first page of search results.

The page titles had the same keyword phrases I was looking for and the home she repeated many times. In addition, also contained links to the specified Keywörter. SEO works well and – here I was – one willing to buy individual with willingness to buy, had found the their pages using a search engine.

And yet I left after a short time the site (and also nine similar) annoyed. In fact, I was so angry, I gave the matter my friend, which ordered based on a list.

The SEO techniques were partially ripe textbook. They were perfect for search engines, but not designed for people. Their goal was, to be on the first page of search engine (Search Engine Results Pages = SERPs) and this goal was achieved. Unfortunately, the wrong target. The site should aim, only the customers and then traffic and not vice versa.

So no use SEO. I was ready to place an order, So what stopped me? Here a just a few examples of defects:

  • No prices on the sides. I should ask for pricing or to put something in my shopping cart, before the price was shown.
  • Incomplete or minimal descriptions. The name of the product has been repeated several times, but essential things like sizes, Shipping weights and colors available were not included.
  • No pictures or very bad pictures.
  • Inkonsequente Navigation. On one side I had filled my shopping cart, and when you change the delivery address once again everything was deleted. Incomprehensible!
  • Unusable or unsafe Baskets Order Processing.
  • Poor organization of the products. I was not able, To find similar products or accessories.

This means, These companies have time and money (VA. in advertisements like Google Adwords,…) see(sch)applies to their webpage “optimize”. This certainly also brings traffic, However, it is questionable whether this SEO is not exactly the opposite effect has. Namely, many unhappy customers, are no longer return to their homepage.

The conversion rate (Measuring the conversion, Konvertierungsrate, Conversion Rate (CR), Prospect-Conversion-Rate (PCR)) indicates the part of prospective, a particular site you visited and become buyers. For these companies, she is so very bad.

The conversion rate is calculated as follows: Conversion rate = purchases(r) / Visitors.

Based on the conversion rate of success / Effectiveness of a marketing or advertising. Advertising campaign calculated. Normal are values between. 1% and 5%. So that means, of 100 New visitors won a Internet Services, Now therefore 1 to 5 Customers. These words by converting visitors to buyers / Customers.

Only spend money for SEO optimization is not so useful, because sometimes including the conversion rate suffers severely.

Usability reports are a relatively cheap investment, through increased sales, Subskriptionen, Statements etc. pay for itself quickly. SEO and improving Nutzfreundlichkeit can together produce drastic changes in the traffic and conversion rates.

Search engine optimization is still in its infancy and is a constantly changing discipline. Since the search engines are getting better and better, will increase in future usability an even greater significance for the search engines. Google has already announced several times explicitly.

Usability stands for higher conversion rates and for happy and satisfied customers.

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