International Usability

21. September 2008 – 17:59

In the network there are no Borders. Site operators should ensure, that they adapt to a global design for all countries not only the language.

There are certainly globalized Web sites or Intranets, addressed to their very specific audience. These special user groups then form a sort of own Nutzerkultur. The many common interests within that culture, user behavior and thinking from country to country, of little.

Global to an international audience focused Websites but must also pay attention to cultural factors. You should arrive in many different countries and cultures alike or come across at least no one on the head.

Within this Interculturalism the use of specific metaphors and mental models at global sites always a compromise between the requirements of individual Culture represent.

The information architecture, including its concepts, and colors and images must be chosen, that users in different Languages and Denkschemen to cope.

A simple example is the representation of the Data Formats. We read 01/ 05/ 2008 it could the first of May or the fifth-January,. (T/M/JJJJ/ versus M/T/JJJJ)

Tip for creating global websites: Do not use language or cultural characteristic humor joke.

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