Without users - no gear online

The Transfer to the Internet for many companies is still a challenge.

In the current W&In (Nr.41) is as. of the major German publishing houses reported, they are extremely agile in the online- Business. (Holtzbrinck, Here, and Springer are present G J and Bauer.)

Nevertheless, not every title online yet so many people reach, as offline.

This is revealed by Andreas Buchwaldt (http://www.occstrategy.com/node/346) In a recent study. He calculated the total range of cross-media performances, in which he reaches the print to online coverage, the Unique users (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unique_user), addierte.

(Strong are the publishers in the network computer- , Business- and news media. Also, the mirror has a range of online 47 %).

It is nevertheless clear, that without the user is. They determine the success.

A user-friendly appearance, dh. a Site with high usability is the basis for a successful transfer into the net. However, there are different rules.

Certain Marketing Strategies from the Offline- Area differ from the Online-Marketing-Strategie Usability.

For example, a Homepage, unlike a magazine cover, not stand out, order to draw the attention of users to.

Users are, if the first impression is positive, already they look at. (Unlike many magazines, for example. adjacent to each other.)

On the home page (Home) must, Unlike a newspaper “more” shown to be, because they are not the usual Convention corresponds. (Just turn the page and know, what is still to be found in the newspaper).

It is,

the important

Usability criterion,

“a user-centered information architecture”

(http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Informationsarchitektur), to note.

Clearly applies also consider, that it may be a preference, a newspaper or magazine just yet “haptic” (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haptische_Wahrnehmung) umzublättern.

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