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8. April 2008 – 00:27

In examining the eye movements (Eyetracking) of 50 Users could observe a general pattern: The eyes usually fixated the homepage first top left, then moves the eye for some time in the central region before it finally went from left to right. It does not say really matter. But at least there is some indication. Here, the eye movements as a graphic:

Allgemeiner Blickverlauf

Depending on the site (Image, Headlines, Color,…) can, of course, this pattern strongly differ. The picture above is a greatly simplified representation of the most common eye movement pattern, we can see with multiple home pages. Very similar results can also be seen in daily newspapers.

The following chart shows the home page, split in the viewing zones with the respective priority.

Blickverlauf Priotität

These articles might well be:

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