The most important tips and tricks for search engine optimization

6. April 2008 – 19:43

Keywords in meta tags or write to the home page at Yahoo or Google write has become more important, place to the homepage on the web well.

Important, however, are:

The best way to optimize one keyword per page. Are important for this course, the name of the domain. In verkaufsagenten is of course as a search word rather than, for example found.

Also important is the page title. Enter a short, terse page title, the best while the keyword is.

Also important for the placement of <H1> Page Title, this should also contain the keyword. Contrast, repetition is the title not even make sense (false eg. verkaufsagenten, the selling agent in Berlin). Repetitions in the text of the page are in turn very well, Bold type also pleased by the search engine.

As I said you should only 1 Keyword per page to optimize. Useful for multiple keywords is as. link to this article in its own lexicon structure (zb.

Google could possibly. abstrafen, if you use hidden text, irrelevant words and sentences, which are not linked, work. Also copied texts do not like the search engine. So there is no good content from other sites to coppery and integrate them into their own home. This does the opposite and possibly slip. On the search results list at the back.

Absolutely essential for a good search engine placement is the publicity of your website by linking common – also called Link Baiting. The more important the home page (zB., or even good blogs), which link to your Web address, the more important your site appears more important for Google, Z.A.

Link-Baiting is one of the best and most important strategies in search engine optimization of websites. They thus increase the link popularity. Ideal ist beim Link-Baiting, to present them in blogs or on sites of innovative content is so interesting, that as many other link sites or blogs also pointed. So try a so called. Bait (eng. “bait”) to place for links. Link Baiting is a kind of viral marketing.

The better the link, the greater the chance of a good Pagerankings Google.

Beware, however, the so called. Link exchange is. This is often seen as spam by Google and your site is penalized.

Include a partners page. And you can link your site in a Webktaloge, such as., other directories can be found at: (would only choose free). Also interesting is also the Social Bookmarking Tool Mr.Wong and delicious, from. the German equivalent If your site several (own) Save user, better.

Create beautiful and good (but not necessarily stolen) Free downloads available (zB. Templates, Text, etc.)

Have fun and good PR like. The Pope Golf auction on ebay or turn short funny mobile videos for Youtube.

Friendly for both the usability of your website and SEO are Sitemaps. In you can free the sitemap.xml protocol can create for your website. This sitemap.xml Protoll then save off to enter the root directory of your website and do this at / webmasters / tools / ping?sitemap = bekannt (your course ……therefore replace)

Search-engine friendly than so-called Sessions, which are very often used in shops (to remember so the user can) Cookies are.

As has been previously described are duplicate content is not optimal. Thus, for example. WordPress duplicate content due to technical reasons. With the appropriate tools / Plugins can get around this but, see eg.

Google does not recognize special characters, What to do now in php scripts problems (zB. = 4). It should appear here no question marks in the link, but a translation of the links without special characters (also or better To eliminate these special characters, need to change in the. htaccess for each site with RewriteEngine, RewriteRule,… be edited (further details please search in Google).
Especially many CMS systems such as. Joomla have this problem.

One can also exaggerate. Even that may not Google. If Google accepts, that was manipulated, So pronounced is working exclusively Seo-optimized, can also sometimes slip back placement. It is best to act according to good sense.

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