Social Media-What is measured? By what measurement criteria? Nutzerfreundlich. (10/10)

What can be measured?

  • 1. The increasing visibility in the social web can be traced = Branding

As, with which measurement criterion?

  1. The frequency of mentions in major social media services. By searching for key words (Corporate brands and product names).
  2. The number of subscribers of their own blogs and a growing number of links to blog posts can be captured.
  • 2.    Promoting dialogue = Involvement
  1. Number of Posts, Content produced by the company incurred. ZB. a video of companies, which is published in the Social Web on a variety of sites. (This would be advantageous YouTube Statistics)
  2. Increasing number of links.
  • 3.    Positive influence of the dialogue= Acceptance
  1. Sound within the community. The ratio of positive to negative contributions in comparison to past months.
  2. Responding to new content, designed to strengthen the brand.
  • 4.    Building a network =Viral Marketing
  1. Number of subscribers to the various social media profiles (Facebook Fansite, Weblog, You Tube etc.).
  2. Number of links and content distribution.
  3. Number of Influencer (distribute content more than once).
  • 5. First Impression Measure with Social Media Monitoring Tools.

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