Social Media tips for building a network. (4/10)

The basis of all social marketing activities is a well-structured and maintained network.

There are two types Networking, where use ideally both.

  • 1. Company or individual brands to build their own networks. Your brand community.
    With profiles on services like Facebook or Youtube trailer can be aggregated, However, only build to a certain extent a relationship with a user a brand.
  • 2. Companies use the networks of their employees.
    Employees may already have large and extensive networks. Get involved in business in social networks, they become ideal Markenbotschaftern.
    Because they are experts in their field, because they know the company and its portion very closely.
    Also for users, it is usually easier with a staff, which the brand lives and gives her a facial, to communicate.

Step by step to the network

1. Analysis of social media services= Where is your target groups?
With so many social media tools, it is not easy to observe, whether or not a part of the user fits into its own customer profile. Well, when users exchange ideas on issues of the company or brand. Then offer the use of social media monitoring tools.

2. Analysis of each Communitiys= Are there any special rules of conduct?
In these companies at all desirable? What can possibly already active competitors?
Companies, in the social web constant misbehaving, have to expect criticism and negative comments, to the actual target, image building, contrary.

3. Which people have the most influence? Who are the "influencers"?
„ Community-Leitwölfe“, Opinion leaders, which already have a large network and are accepted.
Reviews of these are consumed in the control and passed in the best case. You can thus influence other members and these multipliers play an important role in building. It is also on the net, that good relations are "vitamin B-" beneficial.

  • The aim of the company, it should be, even a community leader of the pack to be.

4. User-friendliness is the most important point.
Dh. to offer the community an added value and to be continuously active, without being perceived as spam.

5. Increase authenticity: Facing up to the dialogue, Timely critique comment.
Negative or critical comments should be on the customer service or similar. be answered. The positive use of criticism creates trust and transparency. Finally, no one is free from errors.

6. The network structure is not only a person in their own companies leave.
Large companies should distribute the activities to several employees. The existing communication can not be controlled completely, but actively influenced.

7. As implemented in the company?
For example, it announced on Facebook 29.09 an article in the internet world (online) to. A Guidelines can be ordered here.

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