Social Media in the company-in 10 Share. Social Media Marketing in Social Networks. (1/10)

Social media is increasingly used by companies. In the press there are more new reports about. ZB. presented the Consulting- and accounting firm Deloitte fixed, “companies that the Web 2.0 Although how to contact customer use – the full potential of social media but not to exploit know " .

But Customers ask me, how to deal with it.

The Internet World Business has given this issue a series of social media. With the company "by Sebastian Weiss and Ulrich Langer, Author of the W&In the Media, devoted to this area since September increased attention.

Here is a user-friendly overview of social media in businesses in 10 Share.

Part 1

Social Media Marketing in Social Networks
With proper use of social media, as Kommunikationswerkzeug, companies and brands can reach new audiences and encourage dialogue. Network to reach specific target groups, of the traditional media are hardly addressed so.

Read more in Part 7-Why Social Media?

Measurable goals
For a real Social Media Marketing in the company must, however, short-term objectives are defined in advance, such as. increasing the visibility on social media platforms.

Read more in Part 10-What is measured? By what measurement criteria?

Global objectives:

  • Customer acquisition,
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Image and branding but also
  • Innovation Research

Misconception = Social Media is cheap
It's not so easy to book a contingent of X with a range Y. Although most items are free of charge, the development of an online network takes time.
to ignore dialogues, companies can no longer afford long-term.
Software solutions for the performance evaluation (Monitoring) collected in-house at about. 500 US-Dollar im Monat an.

Read more presented in this Part 8 Monitoring. Social Web automatisch überwachen.


Meanwhile, also offered in packages which includes the following:

  1. Research
  2. Strategic Consulting
  3. PR
  4. Reputationsmanagement.

Caution without a strategy does not get going too fast
Mistakes are made frequently, weil Unternehmen zu schnell aktiv werden. Sie beginnen ohne ein Konzept oder eine Strategie und missachten im schlimmsten Fall auch noch grundlegende Verhaltensregeln. Also on the Social Web are manners.

Read more on this in Part 5 rules for social media strategies.

Social Media Guidelines
Businesses need rules, if their employees in social media services are active.
Policies must be tailored individually. Professional help provide individual agencies.

Read more on this in Part 6 Guidelines. Policy more than an online etiquette.

Name of protecting- immediately
It is still good, right at the beginning of brand names to register on the major social media services, to protect them from unauthorized use. Let us remember the web addresses (URL), which are then traded expensive.

Choice community- Costs
Not all popular social media services are of interest to companies. Companies should only be present on platforms, on which their target groups romp. Auch ist es sinnvoll bei vergleichbaren Social Media Diensten nur die relevantesten zu wählen, because a selection can significantly reduce the maintenance effort.

Read more in Part 4-How to build a network.

The following articles can be found:

Part 2- What is Social Media?

Part 3- Services presented to-Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, You Tube, Corporate Blogs, Xing.

Part 4- Tips on building a network.

Part 5- Basic rules for social media strategies.

Part 6- Guidelines. Policy more than an online etiquette.

Part 7- Why Social Media?

Part 8- Monitoring presented. Social Web automatisch überwachen.

Part 9- Erfolgsmessung Indikators-Key Performance (KPIs.). Networking can not be measured in clicks.

Part 10- What exactly is measurable? By what measurement criteria? Nutzerfreundlich.

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