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Disclaimer – Legal Notices

1. Limitation of Liability

Content of the blog

The contents of this blog are for general information. The provider does not guarantee the accuracy of, Completeness and timeliness of the content. The use of the available content is at your own risk. Contributions express the opinions of the authors and not necessarily the views of the publisher.

Availability of the Blogs

The provider will seek to, the service without interruption to the call to offer. Even with all due care but can not be excluded downtime. The provider reserves the right, his offer to change at any time or to.

External Links

This site contains links to other websites (”externe Links”). These websites are the responsibility of the current. The vendor has tested in the first connection of the external links to external content, whether any violations of law. At the time there were no apparent violations of law. The provider has no influence on the current and future design and content of the linked pages. The inclusion of external links does not imply, that the vendor behind the reference or link content to own. Constant monitoring of these external links is for the provider without concrete evidence of violations. With knowledge of rights violations, such external links are deleted immediately.


The content of advertisements is the corresponding author is responsible, as well as for the content of the advertised website. The presentation of the advertisement does not constitute acceptance by the provider.

No contractual relationship

With the use of databases, Content and search features of the blog is no contractual relationship between the user and the provider. In this respect, there are no contractual or quasi-contractual claims against the provider.

For the case, that the use should lead to a contractual relationship, apply as a precaution following disclaimer: The provider is liable for intent and gross negligence and for breach of a contractual obligation (Cardinal). The operator is liable under the limitation on compensation for the execution of the agreement in the foreseeable damage typical for such damages, on a slightly negligent breach of cardinal obligations by him or his legal representatives or agents. With slightly negligent breach of obligations, no contractual obligations are, The provider is not liable. Liability for damages, falling within the scope of a providers guarantee or warranty and liability for claims under the Product Liability Act and damages from the loss of life, body or health is not affected.

2. Copyright

The information published on this website are copyrighted works and. Each of the German copyright law shall require the prior written consent of the author or copyright holder. This applies especially to reproduction, Processing, Translation, Storage, Processing or. Of contents in databases or other electronic media and systems. Contents and third party contributions are marked as such. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of content or complete pages is not permitted and is punishable. Only the production of copies and downloads for personal, private and non-commercial use is allowed.

Links to the blog of agency are always welcome and do not require the consent of the provider's website. The presentation of this website in external frames is only allowed with the permission.

3. Privacy Policy

By visiting the website of the provider, access information (Date, Time, page viewed) are stored on the server. These data do not belong to the personal data, they are anonymous. It is used solely for statistical purposes. Disclosure to third parties, for commercial or noncommercial purposes, does not take place.

The provider explicitly states, that data transmission over the Internet (zB. communication by e-mail) Security gaps and can not be completely protected against access by third parties.

The use of the provider's contact – especially phone and e-mail address – for commercial advertising is not encouraged, unless the provider has given his written consent or there is an existing business relationship. The provider and all disagree on this website are any commercial use and disclosure of their data.

4. Applicable Law

It is only the relevant laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

5. Special Terms

As far as special conditions for individual uses this site to the above points 1 to 4 differ, in appropriate place specifically stated. In this case, supplemented by the specific terms and conditions.

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