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-Your opinion counts- other online found in almost every month Esprit usability UX tests instead. PC/Desktop oder Smartphone- both online Please enter a User in Friend Form. Eine Einladung erfolgt danach. Why usability & User Experience? Esprit concerns the wishes of their[…]

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Einladung_Testen with us a measurement system, comfort of your home. (Berlin & Environment)

With a friendly Hello,
during the period from 21.11.- 11.12 2011 a measurement system tested. Dh. the accuracy, measures with which the system.


1. You get – per E-Mail – Instructions for suitable testing the simple program. You open the mail (link) and follow the specified “Steps”.
Duration: ca. 5-15 Minutes.
2. An employee comes to you and misses you then manually, at a chosen date.
Duration: ca. 10-15 Minutes.
The appointment should in time for your “Try / Test” lie. Please allow a – for your own testing of the system – ca. 15 Minutes.
Mini Statistics
Total duration of the study 30 Minutes.
As a thank-you gift 15,- Euro per person.
Choose now your appointment at the time of 21.11.- 11.12 2011 in the calendar-binding-.

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Try us. Audible usability testing with users Friend. Usability of their agency in Berlin.

During the week of 29.08. are new sites of, User Friend in Berlin, tested.

Interest? E-Mail an:

For a selection, please notify us – by mail to – with the following information:

Her exact age.
How many hours do you spend, average per week, with the use of the Internet, including e-mail & Social Networks?
Are you an Amazon customer, dh. You have one existing account with Amazon?
Are you already an Audible customer?
Very happy as you can in this form tester, for further usability testing, register.
Please send us, for this test series, an e-mail to with the above answers.
You get, sought to meet criteria, an invitation to select your appointment, in a calendar.

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