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-Your opinion counts- other online found in almost every month Esprit usability UX tests instead. PC/Desktop oder Smartphone- both online Please enter a User in Friend Form. Eine Einladung erfolgt danach. Why usability & User Experience? Esprit concerns the wishes of their[…]

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Einladung_Testen with us a measurement system, comfort of your home. (Berlin & Environment)

With a friendly Hello,
during the period from 21.11.- 11.12 2011 a measurement system tested. Dh. the accuracy, measures with which the system.


1. You get – per E-Mail – Instructions for suitable testing the simple program. You open the mail (link) and follow the specified “Steps”.
Duration: ca. 5-15 Minutes.
2. An employee comes to you and misses you then manually, at a chosen date.
Duration: ca. 10-15 Minutes.
The appointment should in time for your “Try / Test” lie. Please allow a – for your own testing of the system – ca. 15 Minutes.
Mini Statistics
Total duration of the study 30 Minutes.
As a thank-you gift 15,- Euro per person.
Choose now your appointment at the time of 21.11.- 11.12 2011 in the calendar-binding-.

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