Video Commerce (2/4). Video Production Tips & Cost.

16. January 2011 – 15:38

Costs and alternatives

1. Professional swivel clip

They can produce a clip professionally.

  • Costs vary this. But lying about. at 550,- Euro for Film.

2. Encouraging self-directed

Semi-professional Videos are produced in some cases even better, rotated as a professional videos with paid Moderators. Because they can authentic contribute. Paid moderators can not afford often, what can make a real genuine consultation with employees of the company.

Users have to usually more Confidence as a marketing blah-blah.

A semi-professional video can thus increase the trust established sales even more.
But not every dealer is a born entertainer.
It is also very much on the original content with real added value.
Also, of course, care must be taken on a good soundtrack and the movie may not be blurry.

  • The necessary hardware- and software are already there for little money. Production costs are ca.25.-up 100,- Euro.

3. Slideshows / Slideshows

A slide show is from a handful of animated Catalog produced, which will be fully automatically in a video player.

4. Official manufacturer Videos, current image films, Commercials and product trailers.

You use an official video. Here, not a unique feature created, can be used as any direct competitor of the same material.
Marketer of the official manufacturer collecting videos these current image films etc. and they provide for a monthly fee available.

A direct request from the official manufacturer's Video on the brands is possible, but has probably been, that videos usually. are not individually licensed to distributors.

Tips for Video Production:

  • You should not too long be.
    Come immediately to the point. On average, a video break after just ten seconds of game time ten percent of users again. And only ten percent see a five-minute video to the end.

  • Always provide Kontrollmöglichkeiten for the user. At least stop and cancel the video or to.

  • Watch your Video-Branding.
    Show example. Your logo and / or hide your URL as subtitles. Especially on non-company platforms, such as. You Tube, the wide-reaching video portal, the contents may not otherwise be assigned to your company. To make matters worse, that may not be linked directly to You Tube to your own site / shop.

  • Look for a professional Intro and eg. the quality of the audio track. Otherwise it is, even in-house produced content can sometimes. be better, as expensive as high-quality and produced commercials.

  • Select meaningful Video- Thumbnails. A carefully chosen Thumbnail, which reflects at a glance the entire contents of the video + Attracted attention.

More about the video commerce there is in the third part: Video-Shopping-Marketing. Video SEO.

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