Video Commerce (1/4). Motion pictures promote sales. Shopping concepts.

16. January 2011 – 15:37
Video Commerce "by"

Userfriend "Video Commerce"

CRO with video commerce

With videos can not only shop owner Conversion rates increase and lower return rates, they also provide a optimale User Experience.


Product Videos support positive at Purchasing decisions. The show Friend User Experience from ongoing usability studies (u. for the fashion brand Esprit).

But Impulskäufe can thus be forced. ZB. with the placement of a product video on the home page. Because can be a well-made video thumbnail immediately attracted the attention and thus a need to be woken.

Game Rules

It is however, a hasty entry into the video a couple of Commerce Basic rules for production and marketing to note.

The Internet World Business had in spending 17-19 deals with the topic of video-Commerce.

Following is a “user-friendly series” in four parts:

1. Part of motion pictures promote sales. Shopping concepts. 2. Video Production Tips & Cost. 3. Video-Shopping-Marketing. Video SEO. 4. “Future” In-Video Shopping.


What products / Inas?

  • Digital Goods, such as videos and MP3 files
  • Fashion- and Elekronikartikel
  • also expensive luxury goods
All these products can be sold in a well-produced video.

1. Extras can be visualized better, if the product is shown in action.
Zb. in garments offer the advantage of moving images, that the impression material and the cut can be seen better, compared to simple product photos / -illustrations. At the point of wearing the clothes, users can already see, how they "fail" or. the body "fall".

Haptic replacement

User Videos acknowledge a high positive Shopping Experience.

Even if, for example,. Already enjoy Esprit subjects in many product images, Video offers an added value.

Produktfotos - Beispiel Esprit

Especially for products, the rule. need to be touched and tried on, help good product photos and videos.

Example Zoom function Esprit:

Good product detail page offers many functional images.

Example product detail page Esprit:

Produktfotos - Beispiel Esprit

The carry-Kompfort while running to see in a video, also offers a special Kundenerlebnis.

Sample Product Video:
From the online store
The video includes a watermark of the Converter program.

Video-Long: 00:00:24

[hana-flv-player video=”” width=”250″ height=”150″ description=”” player=”4″ autoload =”true” autoplay =”false” loop =”false” autorewind =”false” /]

User-Originalaussage: “That's great. As I see, as the jacket falls”

2. Functioning particularly in complex products can thus be represented. (analog TV- Advertising)

Only in use can be significantly, how something works. According to the principle "Learning the model" (Bandura).

Before analysis: Use sales concept

Before you as a dealer / shop- Operator prematurely invest in video content, You should analyze, which sales approach makes strategic sense for you.


  • 1. Produktgetriebene Shoppingstrategie
  • 2. Editors Elle Content-Formate

1. Produktgetriebene Shoppingstrategie:

Classic Product Videos. Dh. short video clip on individual products. (common variant)
Special features can be better visualized and explained workings.

Serves the promotion of the sales of a particular product.

2. Content-driven formats.

ZB. with Ratgebervideos, as a content-driven format, per clip, more than just a product to be addressed.
It should not be an offensive video marketing hard-selling, but selling through professional competence and the recommendations.

Ratings videos are both a short-term Cross-Selling as well as a long-term Marketing-Tool.
A Customer Loyalty can be as. a weekly new release (with advice + Entertainment) be realized.


1. An online wine retailer / wine shop shows a sommelier at the Wine tasting with guest stars and changing of tips.

Here are many emotional impressions in a video format to better communicate.
This could include. Products such as glasses and bottle openers to be promoted.

2. A plant shipper increased its sales with its self-made garden videos.
It shows among other things. in addition to its products, the same, as one example. Berry cuts right and gives tips for a rose breeding.

What products from the assortment?

Here, the right products are selected for a video production. Due to cost reasons to support shop owners usually. their first Top Seller. To also products of the Long Tail be enriched with videos, without turning on each product a must own video, There are inexpensive alternatives.

See Video Commerce 2/4). Video Production Tips & Cost.

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