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Usability & User Experience user experience mean, but also so much more…

u. :

1. Adapting to changing consumer behavior
2. Consequently, a corresponding communication
3. A special information architecture and content preparation…etc..

offer products offline was different
Users with online shopping shows a change in buying behavior. They research, Buy and sometimes only very rarely spontaneously consider.

Trust and Control are the first Needs of consumers, which is to satisfy it
But any hurdles in an online form (Registration / Order) can very quickly lead to a sale and termination make the switch to another provider after the.

The next shop is just a few mouse clicks
The user will find a user-friendly shop, he will remain.
In the best case, the user increases equal full confidence that Site / e-shop is a, since this
with a seal, such as. usability siegel


If the user then

– shown, see what he wants
– communicates with it so, that he can understand everything
– he will not be forced unnecessarily to think
– led directly to his interests, etc., He will probably also buy.

Dh. is a user effectively, efficient and satisfactory pathway to achievement, A this satisfied and at best returning customer.

Now that some e-shops your “Blinkered” have proved (and this is not difficult, I can say from personal experience ...), has now established.

The friend of the user, and, but also the best friend of the company.
With the psychological marketing view for the optimization of your site or. Your e-store terms Usability & User Experience and Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO).

Friend user has to examine the usability & User Experience (UX) seven dimensions determined, where
1. a user-centered design (UCD)
2. a user-friendly information architecture and
3. A task-oriented interaction design (User‐Experience)
checked and if necessary. can be optimized.

You can find the dimensions on the Page in the main navigation point (Category) Usability& User Experience under review: What is Usability in the tab "What exactly is Web Usability".

Also, you can at any time Glossary use on the page and on usability and User Experience inquire.

If you own “Pitfalls” find, share it immediately with. We want a user-friendly Internet. Thank you!

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