Usability & UserExperience (UX) compared. Stichwort User Centered Design (UCD)

18. January 2009 – 17:06

Usability and user experience are key success- and competitive factors at sites, Applications and products. Here are some terms and short explanations.

Usability, as usability and ease of use, determines the quality of the dialogue between a human and a system. In this case, this system effectively, to use effectively and satisfactorily be (DIN EN ISO 9241-10).

A high degree of usability means roughly an application can use intuitively to. Applications should

  • aufgabenangemessen
  • selbstbeschreibungsfähig
  • taxable
  • erwartungskonform
  • fehlertolerant
  • individualisierbar
  • learning to learn or be conducive (DIN EN ISO 9241-11).

UserExperience, Abbreviation UX, than the use of experience or. the user experience, describes not only the objective usability criteria Totality of the experience, which a user around the use of an application makes. Depending on the context of applications.

UX criteria
The focus is not only the usability requirements are at the functional level, but also eg:

  • Mediation of trust and credibility
  • the degree of innovation
  • design
  • aesthetics
  • branding
  • der Joy of Use

subjective perception > objective properties
Each user-interface triggers reactions in users, the need for more. Good technology can be invisible, However, while allowing an emotional experience. Dh. the subjective perceptions of users are crucial, not the objective characteristics of a system.

A Example from everyday use is a good pan:
"With my favorite pan the food tastes better, it burns to nothing, like so and I maintain it. "
The technical characteristics, however, can be very important for the user.

Positive User Experience ≠ high usability
Also in the network must have a positive user experience does not require high usability. So maybe a computer game despite the lack of consistent navigation and lack of intuitiveness still played very much.

Usability Engineering
“Software Ergonomics” is the methodical way to generate the properties Usability and User Experience. It describes an iterative design process.

User Experience Co-Creation
In close cooperation with designers and developers will be repeated targeted users of usability testing agencies conducted. The design is adapted from the results to the needs of users. Then again tested and optimized. As long as there is up to the desired design.

User friendliness.
This concept combines usability and user experience on the Internet through the use of websites by the users. Reaches a user-friendly, when to use in a given context of use for purpose, accompanied by experienced usability when interacting with a system.

User-Centered Design (UCD)
Anyone who involves his future potential users at a product development or website design from the beginning, can save you costly mistakes.

Who pays attention to both, high usability and a target group User Experience, has won the competition back. 🙂

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