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10. March 2009 – 18:41

Do you blog or even twitter (Twittern) You know? That showed a lot of headlines lately.

Compulsory subject for media agencies
Communication planners should now integrate the short message service already.

Keywords to the benefits “In dialogue with customers”

  • Viral Marketing
  • Targeting by staff ratio
  • More impact by a high involvement
  • Valuable feedback for the brand monitoring
  • Less wastage than with traditional media

T-Mobile can tweet a PR agency for the external
„Twittern” While costs so far only possible data transmission charges, is very time consuming. Trends, Opinions and sentiments must be received.

Twitter Budget
Better a bird in the hand is worth two in the roof"Think of probably many, already investing in online marketing, yourself but about the form of remuneration of such a service "Twitter" or thoughts. "Still" can not mention booking as additional add-on. Nevertheless, customers already book review budgets for Social Media (User Generated Content).

What exactly is Twitter?
Twitter ( is a free short message service in a social network. The user can on a PC or mobile phone messages (in maximum 140 Character length) Send. These short messages, "Updates" or "tweets" called, can be subscribed to by others. They are called "followers" The Twitterer (Author) decides, whether their information publicly or only from certain people are viewed. (Where this course is certainly only for private advantage.)

How Twitter (n) ?
More about this in a German introduction, but already two years ago (March 2007):
There was also a book from December 2008 published, But what I have not read themselves and therefore can not give a recommendation.
„Twitter. With 140 Character to the Web 2.0 ":

How many users use Twitter?
Worldwide, the micro blogging service so far about. six million users. In German-speaking countries have only 100 000. Every day, in Germany there are about 10 000 to 20 000 active users, the short message itself. (My source: In&In the Media (March 2009). Because there are certainly many other details of the usage figures, which was also subject to constant change.)

Why Twitter?
Let us once private grounds overlook, Twitter for enterprises are an innovative and communicative audience, which valuable insights can provide.
important is, that the companies appear transparent and see it as a complement to market research.
So a secular constant fire with commercial messages will not work. But, if a boss personally informed about special offers and deals with any complaints.
For the Unternehmensgezwitscher it is, arouse interest, stimulates a discussion. So for a dialogue, is achieved with a very high involvement.

Social Media
It is clear, that the Web 2.0 become a key medium for purchasing decisions is. The input of people, interested in exactly a topic, provide valuable information for companies (yet big brands).

Twitter Strategie DaimlerUnternehmensgezwitscher dialogorientiert
Daimler AG is developing according to blog and Web Communications Account Manager Uwe Knaus, a Twitter Strategy, to be conversational in any case should.

Consumer Behaviour – Opinion leaders and opinion leaders
A little bit but then it differentiated. Still plays the social norm (What others think about it) always had a role in the formation of a high acceptance.

Search engine optimization by Twitter

SEO also helps the mass-technical links. Google favored by Twitter. So who will actively twittering more easily found.

Twitter relevant für Nachrichtenwelt. Media literacy in the reader is asked.

Has shown how quickly the Flugzeugnotwasserung in the Hudson River / or reported by the events in Mumbai. On this subject there is an interview:
This raises the question, whether the news value and news quality can be maintained, since most are not trained journalists Twitterer. 😉

Twitter and the policy

Since the Obama campaign is considered trendy Twitter. The Obama brand has been "built up" so.

Germany-party: Kleine Parteien setzen auf Twitter (Internet world business vom 11.02.2009)

All this shows, Twitter now that companies should not ignore even.
So to find here:

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